From #FOMO to #JOMO

Winnie FOMOWatch out #FOMO, there’s a new phrase in town! 

This morning I was experiencing #FOMO. You see, an #awesome bunch of people have descended on Bournemouth for the 2nd All About People Conference (#aapconf) and I’m not there. The topics and experiences they will discover, hack, reshape, create etc etc are, like, my jam! I mean, it’s ALL ABOUT PEOPLE! Cue, extreme #FOMO.

Get over it! Screamed the universe in the kindest possible way.

You see, while staring longingly at twitter, awaiting the #aapconf tweet stream, I received a timely reminder in the guise of a tweet from the ever joyful Therese Joyce (@toraisejoy): to reframe my #FOMO and instead celebrate the Joy of Missing Out aka #JOMO.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 10.10.04

My initial reaction to the tweet was twofold:

  1. Oh my word I love #JOMO. How cool is it?!
  2. Woah I know so many people who suffer constant #FOMO, maybe reframing it as #JOMO will help them (like me) choose being well instead of being overwhelmed?

The #JOMO on the #aapconf is that at the end of this month I am attending the European Conference of Positive Psychology (#ecpp). I’m so ridiculously excited that I’m surprisingly chilled out about it. Flights, accommodation and registration are sorted. It gets better  – the real #JOMO that kicks #FOMO butt? I’ll be seeing friends and colleagues from my time studying in both Melbourne and London. So for me, it’s ALL ABOUT the PEOPLE. It’s like my own #aapconf. 

One of the tricky aspects of #JOMO is that it often doesn’t provide that immediate gratification that giving in to #FOMO so often does. If you give in to #FOMO and

  • go to that party / conference / gig
  • buy that coffee / dress / gadget
  • quit your job / miss that meeting / take a sickie (when you’re not sick)

you reward the part of your brain (some call it a Gremlin, Andrea from Project Self refers to hers as Nev) that says ‘NOW NOW NOW I WANT IT ALL NOW’.

If you embrace #JOMO and when #FOMO occurs take the opportunity to remind yourself that you are choosing to miss out because of something else you value more well, that’s pretty powerful stuff.

So, what’s your #JOMO?

As an early bird, I often leave evening events by 8.30/9pm or decline an invitation if I know it will run late. Which, as a people person can be REALLY hard. The joy for me comes on mornings like the one below when I’m outdoors and feeling energised for the day ahead thanks to enough rest and listening to my body’s rhythms (sleeping in just doesn’t work for me).

Primrose early AM

If, like me, it’s not always #FOMO but your inability to say no that steers you away from your Joy, check out my post ‘The Power of a Positive No‘.

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