The Squiggly Line

A few years ago I came across a FANTASTIC term: the Squiggly Line. It made so much sense to me. I often return to this video explanation by Claudia Batten and have shared it so many times I’ve lost count.

If you want to make a change, are disenchanted with the reality of working life, or just in need of a little pep talk, then watch the video (seriously, it’s five minutes).

Claudia talks through the three keys to succeeding on the squiggly line:

  1. Momentum. It’s simple physics, once you’re moving it’s easier to keep going. While being still and mindful has it’s place, action is important, especially if you want to move away from the linear line of average.
  2. Intuition. Sometimes you know what you want/need to be doing. If you don’t yet feel comfortable following your intuition, then research it. Say what? Well if you have a hunch that you want or need to make a change (e.g. find a new job) and you’re not ready to rely on the hunch, take some steps to find out the options associated with the change are (e.g. chat with your network, see what other roles are out there). Once you’ve done the research, you will be able to back yourself and start to trust when to follow your intuition (and know it’s not just looming deadlines or the threat of another 60+ hour week talking).
  3. Deliberate Discomfort. I know, this doesn’t sound to appealing. But when was the last time you REALLY pushed yourself beyond what you knew you could do? How did it feel? What about the last time you thought about putting yourself out there and didn’t? Momentary discomfort is generally worth it in the long-run. But it takes practice.

If you want to cultivate deliberate discomfort,  coaching is a great way to do this! Email me to set up a 30 minute chemistry session.


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