What fills you up?

empty cupSometimes it is when we least feel like doing something, or our circumstances are stacked against us, that we most need to do that thing.

What thing?

The thing that fills you up. The thing that gives you energy, rather than taking it away. It restores you.

It may be time with a friend/loved one, a really good workout, a cup of tea while sitting in your favourite chair/spot, a run, appreciating beauty in art or the natural world, it may be baking a cake.

It may involve other people, or maybe it’s a solo activity.

It may be something you have done 1,000 times before, or it may be a novel experience.

Take a moment, a pause right now and think about the last time you felt energised or content with the world. What had you just done?

This morning when I woke up the last thing I felt like doing was going for a run as planned. I rolled over and contemplated all the reasons I shouldn’t go (scratchy throat, sore muscles, an upcoming week with late nights) and I realised I had to go. I laced up my shoes and hit the city streets to enjoy the delight of Primrose Hill on a sunny London morning (view below). It was glorious. It wasn’t a long run, it wasn’t fast and I didn’t feel particularly strong but I did it. By doing it I know next time will be easier, or faster, or just even more likely!

What is it that fills you up?

Primrose Summer

Often things that fill us up are related to our strengths, which requires a blog all on its own, so if you want eager to learn more about strengths right now, check out this brief overview from MAPPalicious.

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