Life doesn’t frighten me at all

Recently I finally completed my ‘hard thing’ focus of the past few years, my MSc in Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology. While I love reading all things people, well-being and business related it had been too long since I had picked up a book of poetry, a guilty pleasure of mine. Even though I love bookstores I did the online amazon thing (#mumlife) and a book of Maya Angelou’s poems were with me the next day.
Reading and appreciating her writing, most days only one page at a time, has reminded me of the power of being inspired. And inspired not from what someone is doing, instead from a moment, a feeling, sensing and responding to what is in front of you.
This specific poem* is drawing me back again and again as I learn the steps of a new dance – that as a working mum. It grounds me, provides a reminder that life is ours for living, giving and enjoying fearlessly.
What is inspiring you today? When was the last time you felt full of inspiration?
*If you think there’s power in the title quote, then read the full poem of Maya Angelou’s for a pep talk / inspiration.

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