At Wake Up and Be Awesome (WUBA for short) we work with individuals and organisations to create and facilitate positive change.

How? Well, currently we do this by collaborating with individuals through coaching. Coaching creates an awesome cycle that starts when you allow yourself the time and space to answer questions (some hard, some easy) without judgement:

increased CLARITY → increased ENERGY →  increased ACTION.

We love it when individuals gain clarity from coaching and the resulting changes this brings. We bring an understanding of the myriad of challenges associated with life that make it awesome but can also make adulting hard! Things like:

  • limitless options
  • living in a foreign country
  • oh shit am I in the right career / starting a new business
  • will I ever find my passion
  • I really should…

For more on Coaching, check out this wee blog.

A bit more about me…

Claire Le Grice Crazy                   Claire Le Grice smile

Kia ora, I’m Claire, a kiwi living in London and so many other labels I won’t bore you with them here!

My professional background is in both technology and creative industries where I have held roles in People and Communications – with a bit of Pilates teaching on the side for good measure. I hold an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology and integrate evidence-based positive interventions in coaching and training sessions. A long-term meditator, I’m a CMA certified Mindfulness teacher.

Anything about wellbeing and how to cultivate it wakes me up more than coffee and I don’t believe in a one size fits all approach (to anything).



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