Breathe, like Britain in the EU. In, then out.

Earlier this morning following the result of the #brexit referendum and in a state of  je ne sais quoi…  I happened upon one of those motivational memes (yes those… stay with me though, I’m going somewhere). “When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower” – Alexander Den Heijer … More Breathe, like Britain in the EU. In, then out.

Mindfulness not your bag? Try paying attention.

In November 2015 Brené Brown (yes, that Brené Brown) gave a talk in London* on courage. It was one of those nights when the feeling in the audience was palpable. An auditorium full of people sitting thinking ‘how do you know that about me?’ That’s the thing with Brené. Her research is interesting. Her storytelling … More Mindfulness not your bag? Try paying attention.

From #FOMO to #JOMO

Watch out #FOMO, there’s a new phrase in town!  This morning I was experiencing #FOMO. You see, an #awesome bunch of people have descended on Bournemouth for the 2nd All About People Conference (#aapconf) and I’m not there. The topics and experiences they will discover, hack, reshape, create etc etc are, like, my jam! I mean, it’s ALL … More From #FOMO to #JOMO

Coaching – What is it?

Well, it’s not advice giving (phew!) and it’s not therapy. It is providing the time and space and plenty of challenging questions to explore certain areas of your life. These areas are not prescribed or preselected, they are your choice, and therefore selected and directed by you (the coachee).It might be exploring your value set. Perhaps you want to create … More Coaching – What is it?