One of my coachee’s provided a great explanation for coaching, he described it as:

 “… a way to get back to your values and live a valued life. It helps to strip back all the noise and get to your core beliefs, which is a great thing”.

The areas coaching focuses on are not prescribed or preselected, they are your choice. However here are some examples of what you may seek coaching for:

  • identify and explore your value set
  • identify your strengths and learn how to use these more
  • a career change – starting a business or deciding where next on the squiggly line
  • exploring meaning in your life and how to craft and own it
  • create and stick to goals that energise you
  • making decisions when there is SO much information out there!

In coaching the relationship is key and meeting each other is the best way to determine if we want to work together.

Contact me to set up a 30 minute “chemistry” session, either in person (in Auckland) or via phone/skype.

If you’re confident we’ll hit it off then book in a session here!