Mindfulness stressing you out? Don’t worry, be Appy!

Whether you’re curious, cynical or a convert it would be rather difficult to ignore Mindfulness with all the attention (pun intended) it’s getting at the moment. So, partly because Mindfulness is best experienced and partly because I’ve been around the concept and practice of meditation for so long* it’s second nature to me, I decided to test out … More Mindfulness stressing you out? Don’t worry, be Appy!

What fills you up?

Sometimes it is when we least feel like doing something, or our circumstances are stacked against us, that we most need to do that thing. What thing? The thing that fills you up. The thing that gives you energy, rather than taking it away. It restores you. It may be time with a friend/loved one, … More What fills you up?

From #FOMO to #JOMO

Watch out #FOMO, there’s a new phrase in town!  This morning I was experiencing #FOMO. You see, an #awesome bunch of people have descended on Bournemouth for the 2nd All About People Conference (#aapconf) and I’m not there. The topics and experiences they will discover, hack, reshape, create etc etc are, like, my jam! I mean, it’s ALL … More From #FOMO to #JOMO